February 2nd, A Very Musical Day

February 2 is a red-letter day, a very musical day. On the evening of February 2, 1795, Haydn's 102nd Symphony in B premiered at the King's Theatre in London. In 1901, Jascha Heifetz, one of the greatest violinists of all time, was born on the very same day. In 1940, Frank Sinatra debuted with the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra, and two years later Graham Nash made his first appearance into the world. Literally.

On February 2, '52, B.B. King's 3 O'Clock Blues hit #1 on Billboard's R&B hit parade. The Coasters signed with Atlantic Records in '56, and exactly one year later Fats Domino sang Blueberry Hill and Blue Monday on the Perry Como TV show.

It seems that the 2nd of February has always been famous for firsts. And, I'm tickled pink to share that the Phil will be part of this red-letter day with a first of our own. By Proclamation of the Plymouth Board of Selectmen, February 2, 2019 is Steven Karidoyanes Day. Cue music!

Yup, since Steven's been leading the orchestra for us for 25 years, it's time we served up a little entertainment for him. On February 2, Will and Anthony Nunziata will take a night off from Broadway to help us celebrate Steven Karidoyanes Day. Our Way. More music. More guests. More fun for everyone!

This concert is our biggest fundraiser of the year and benefits the Phil's concerts and programs - a great way to honor Steven's Silver Anniversary and continue his legacy of music.

So get your tickets today for this first-ever fest. I think Steven Karidoyanes Day will be among the Phil's very, very best.