The Comic-Con Conundrum

If I'm not careful, you're going to think all I do is sit around watching Big Bang Theory reruns all day. Sometimes even I'm surprised by how much time I spend with Sheldon, Leonard and Raj, three nerdy Cal-Tech physicists and their equally nerdy friend Howard, an aerospace engineer. But if I'm channel-surfing and the sitcom's airing, I'm hopelessly hooked for the entire twenty-minute run.

In The Comic-Con Conundrum, the guys (like always) are gathered in Sheldon's apartment. They're hyped up, hovered over their laptops, waiting for the precise minute tickets to Comic-Con, San Diego's ginormous comic book convention, go live.

Howard counts down: T minus 45 seconds...35 seconds...15 seconds. Leonard takes a deep hit from his asthma inhaler. And, Raj tries desperately to hang in there without a potty break.

It's live! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go!
Action: (The guys hit their keyboards furiously, repeatedly.)
Do NOT stop refreshing your screens.
Refresh! Refresh! Refresh!
I did it! I did it! I'm in the queue!
And they say firefighters are the real heroes.
Uh... what number in line are you?
...thousand two hundred and eleven.

Well, you probably have guessed that my small-screen friends didn't score tickets to their big-time fan fest. Raj is stunned. "So that's it? It's totally sold out?" Howard confirms, "I can't believe we're not going." And, at that very moment (right before Sheldon starts to cry), I realized this very same scene could have been about the Phil.

Our first three shows of this fabulous season SOLD OUT! WOW! No, we didn't do it in seconds, but we did it. WE. DID. IT. Right now, Valentines on Broadway (Feb 2), our new musical fundraiser/sans orchestra, is more than 3/4 there. And, because our Spring Pops concert has sold out for the past three consecutive years, we added an additional performance on Sunday this year!

Subscriptions have increased 43%. Total ticket sales are up 18%. For the past four years, we've been selling more tickets faster than ever before! Thanks to you, we're our own musical convention, one of the hottest tickets in town!

Now, I certainly can't promise you we'll sell out every single show we produce. But what I can promise you is that we'll always bring you the most unforgettable experiences we can: great music, great musicians, great guest artists. Guaranteed. I can also promise that if you miss a concert or two, you've missed something singularly sensational.

There's nothing like LIVE music. There's nothing like the Phil. Please come as often as you can. Our REFRESH button is a night out at Memorial Hall. But, avoid the ticket conundrum. Reserve your seats early--before we're SOLD OUT!