We're breaking into the vault!

Picture this. You’re a professional thief. Your gang has just been tipped off that a local crime boss has a priceless artifact locked in a vault at a nearby factory. Your job is to break in and escape with the item. You have one hour. There’s only one way out. Oh, and one more thing –if you get caught, you won’t end up in prison, you’ll end up in the morgue. Time. Starts. Now!

Ever since escape rooms came out, I couldn’t wait to get in! Over the past few years, I’ve hunted down a mysterious inheritance, escaped from the Presidential command bunker and found the antidote to a lethal virus before Professor Moriarty could unleash it on Parliament.

What an adrenaline rush! These immersive, interactive and high-stakes adventures are unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. Hmmmm. Or are they?

It’s our 104th season. Another spectacular opening night has come and gone, the first of many immersive, interactive and highly entertaining experiences we’ll share this season. Nine world-class performances. Eighty-three fabulous Phil musicians. Ten amazing guest artists. Five children’s choruses. Ten musical masterpieces. Four cocktail parties. Three pre-concert talks. One amazing experience for countless Phil fans. There’s no need to escape. It’s all right here!

But there’s another important task at hand, and I simply can’t do it without you. Picture this. We’ve just entered another escape room, and the stakes are unusually high. Right now, we’re the furthest from our fundraising goal. Our mission is to raise more than $500,000 to cover the gap between projected ticket sales and this season’s operating budget and we have a limited time to do it. That’s a lot of money to put into the vault. A lot of red ink to turn black. But this isn’t anything new. It’s how all successful, nonprofit professional orchestras work. And, producing another season at the Phil is definitely worth the challenge.

Now, I can’t tell you how I cracked open the vault in the escape room and snagged the priceless artifact from under the crime boss’s nose. But I can tell you I didn’t do it alone. My fun-loving family and friends were right there with me. And, that, my friends, is how we’re going to meet this year’s fundraising goal. Together.

I’ve always believed anything worth doing is worth doing now. Please make a donation to the Phil today. Every gift matters. Every gift gets us closer to our goal. Every gift helps us escape!