The Great Houdini's Vanishing Elephant

On January 7th, 1918, The Great Houdini performed his most famous illusion on the largest stage in New York City, the Hippodrome Theater. The “Vanishing Elephant” act was amazing. It called for three things: a huge cabinet, a team of twelve, strong men and (you guessed it) an elephant. Her name was Jennie, and she was the consummate performer. Right on cue, she strolled on the stage, graciously accepted a sugar cube from Houdini and walked into the large cabinet. The doors dramatically closed. When they opened again, the cabinet was empty; the elephant had vanished. How did he do it? Where did she go? I have absolutely no clue. 
However, I can spill another secret. We have our own disappearing act going on at the Phil. Tickets are disappearing fast. We nearly sold out our first two concerts, and we are well on our way to sell-outs for the remaining concerts. No mystery here. This is the Great Phil-dini. Great music. Great musicians. Great guest artists. Great fun.
I seriously hope you didn’t miss our season opener. After all, how often do you get to hear Saint-Saëns’ explosive Organ Symphony with one of the largest Phil orchestras ever? And, what about our Mozart vs. Salieri concert last month! The trumpeter from the Canadian Brass not only made Hummel’s concerto soar---his encore blew the roof off Plymouth North Performing Arts Center.
Tickets sales are sky-rocketing because people don’t want to miss the best entertainment on the South Shore. Period. It’s the FOMO phenomenon. Fear of missing out. 
Well, there’s a lot more music to go—and, you’re the first to know, we’ve just added more. On January 25, we’re presenting Sons of Serendip for our annual fundraiser at the Plymouth North Performing Arts Center. This incredible classical crossover ensemble has been wowing audiences since they were a finalist on America’s Got Talent in 2014.  Take a quick listen to one of their latest videos, a cover of One Republic’s I Lived.
Now, reserve your seats for this fabulous Phil Fundraiser. Just like Houdini’s famous “Vanishing Elephant Act,” there will only be one unforgettable performance, so tickets are going to disappear. Fast.
See you at the Holiday Pops!