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2018-06-27 From the Shark Tank to the Think Tank None
2018-01-19 The Super Long Way to Carnegie Hall None
2017-11-29 Into the Shark Tank 5

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2020-02-18 Bewitched! None
2019-11-26 The Great Houdini's Vanishing Elephant 5
2019-10-22 We're breaking into the vault! None
2019-09-10 The Biggest Challenge None
2019-06-14 Up for a spin? None
2019-04-25 An unexpected treasure at the British Museum None
2019-04-13 We're going down the yellow brick road! None
2019-01-22 The Comic-Con Conundrum None
2018-11-08 February 2nd, A Very Musical Day None
2018-10-11 Those Red-Letter Days None
2018-07-14 The Big Bang Theory! None
2018-05-09 What's Your Superpower? None
2018-03-14 The Sky's the Limit 1


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