From the Shark Tank to the Think Tank

My kindergarten teacher, Miss Randall, had an inexhaustible supply of Kleenex, crayons and Thinking Caps. The tissues were in her top, right-hand desk drawer; the Crayolas were in big bins on the bookshelf. But, although I looked high and low, I never found those imaginary hats she made us put on when it was time for the Kindergarten Think Tank.

Since our last concert, I've been hanging out in my own little Think Tank. Broadway, Our Way was a BLAST! So was the entire season. If I could rewind every concert and play it over again, I'd do it in a heartbeat. I'm sure you would, too. Think about it. The Phil's been around for over 100 years, and it just keeps getting better. Because of you!

Way back in October, we put our toes in the Shark Tank together. In my imaginary pitch to the country's most ruthless TV investors, I told them we need $530,000 on top of ticket sales every year to just break even. I also boldly asserted our only business was to make people happy. Well, that didn't create a feeding frenzy among the Sharks, but it made perfect sense to you. Thank you!

Throughout the season, I've tried to tell you one thing: you're not just one of the Phil's biggest fans. You're one of the Phil's investors. You're one of the Phil's influencers. You're one of the Phil's superheroes. You are part of a wonderful Think Tank that produces more than eight phenomenal concerts and brings incredible experiences into the community. Every single year. Because music matters.

Here's some more good news. We've almost reached our Annual Fund goal for last season, but we still need your support. Please consider making a gift to the Phil before June 30. These gifts are needed to offset the cost of the outgoing season, which is extremely important because we've already rolled out our next.

And what a season it will be. We're using every color in our orchestral palette to celebrate Steven Karidoyanes' 25th year as conductor of the Phil, starting with the season opener, Let's Paint the Town Silver, to the grand finale, Music of the Knights. You'll hear more of the world's greatest music. You'll meet more incredible guest stars. And, we'll have more fun than ever making music together. Why, we've even added a second Spring Pops performance to meet the demand! Now, what do you think about that?!

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