We're going down the yellow brick road!

We didn’t get a color TV until the late 1960s. I was around ten years old before I saw the Wizard of Oz in technicolor, and I must admit I was pretty disappointed. Not in the show. I was disappointed it had taken my parents so long to join the Color Revolution.

Every time this magical movie came on, I was glued to the set, so I knew Dorothy’s slippers were ruby red. And, I knew she had to follow the yellow brick road to reach the emerald city. But, when she landed in Oz and said “Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore,” I didn’t know the entire film changed from shades of gray to brilliant technicolor until we finally got a TV upgrade. That year, Glinda’s dress was perfectly pink. The Wicked Witch’s face was fluorescent green. And a field of dark red poppies put Dorothy to sleep. I was literally over the rainbow. No going back now. A musical without color is like a world without music.

Kids need great musical experiences in their lives. They especially need music in their schools. And, take it from me, the more colorful these experiences are the better. Our long-running Music Immersion program brings Phil ensembles into the schools and 2,000 local students into Memorial Hall for a great concert experience. It alternates with Carnegie Hall’s Link Up program, which we brought to the South Shore community in 2018. This year-long, in-school, interactive music program for third, fourth and fifth graders also culminates in a live musical performance with the Phil. Plus, kids have been attending mini concerts with Phil musicians since 1977 through our Look, Listen, Learn! program.

But we don’t just expect kids to sit in their seats. We want them to test-drive instruments and get up on the stage. Every year, children’s choruses perform with the Phil, and the winner of the South Shore Conservatory Concerto Competition takes home a scholarship – and a place center stage.

Yes, Dorothy, there’s no place like home. And, there’s no place like the Phil. Because of you. Your donations ensure our concerts and musical outreach programs continue – and thrive. Your donations compose a beautiful soundtrack to accompany our children’s lives.

It takes the heart of the Tin Man, the brains of the Scarecrow and the courage of that lovable lion to make it all happen. But every year, you do. And, this year, you can do more because of a generous Matching Gift Challenge.

For every donation we receive, an anonymous donor will match it dollar for dollar until we reach $200,000. Please take advantage of this rare opportunity to double the impact of your donation. Every gift makes a difference. Every day at the Phil is a gift.

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