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A Walk with

                                      Steven Karidoyanes

                                      Conductor & Music Director

                                      The Audition Concert

                                      Delightful morning sights and sounds on my walking route remind me that spring is
                                      sprung once again.
   File photo, circa 2000
                                      I associate a particular date in April with special new beginnings in my life, one
                                      personal and one professional.

                                      Before I share those two new beginnings with you, allow me this digression.

                                         Many ask me, “How did you become the conductor of the Plymouth Philharmonic
                                         Orchestra?”  I’m always happy to answer them.

                                         As with most organizations filling job vacancies, I applied to be the Music Director/
                                         Conductor of our wonderful orchestra when I learned the position was open.
                                         Subsequent to applying, I was then extremely fortunate to secure an interview
                                         with the Phil’s Conductor Search Committee.
                                         The conductor search process done by performing arts organizations usually
                                         includes the conductor candidate-finalists needing to prepare and perform a
                                         conductor audition concert.  This is so all of the stakeholders involved — the Phil
                                         organization and search committee, the orchestra musicians, the audience, and the
                                         greater community — can properly assess the conductor-candidate ‘in action.’

                                         I worked with the Phil’s administration to carefully program, prepare and promote
                                         my audition concert, paying especially close attention to the limited rehearsal
                                         schedule allotted to me with the orchestra and, of course, the date of my audition

                                         Noticing the date on which my audition concert fell made me smile.
                                         My audition concert coincided with my son Nick’s second birthday. I jokingly told
                                         everyone, “I’m not a numerologist, but I’m a little worried.  I see my audition
                                         concert falls on my second son’s second birthday.  I hope, at least with this
                                         conductor search process, I don’t come in second.”

                                      Here is why you were briefly diverted from our discussion about new springtime

                                      Recently, on one of my Friday morning Name That Tune live radio sessions on 95.9
                                      WATD-FM, we played our on-air weekly music game as we normally do with radio
                                      hosts Rob Hakala, Lisa Azizian, and the smart radio listener who called in with the
                                      correct answer to the week’s Tune inquiry.
                                      When we were finished with our game, I acknowledged the day’s date — April 9th.

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