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A Note from Kim Corben

                                                   Executive Director

        The Phil and the Louvre

        I love to travel.

        For as long as I can remember I have been smitten by
        wanderlust or a desire to see other places. As you can

        imagine, this extended travel free period has me dreaming
        of my next adventure. I can’t look at a travel image without
        figuring out where it is.

        During one of my Paris daydreams, I came across a Travel
        + Leisure article about the Louvre that describes how the
        museum is using this down time to reimagine and refurbish
        in preparation for a return to action. With typically 30,000-
        40,000 visitors a day, the museum doesn’t usually have time
        for such things beyond regular maintenance.

        Here at the Phil, we have been using this time to make some
        improvements as well.

        Last spring, our offices moved from one end of Court
        Street to our new space at 116 Court Street, even closer to
        Memorial Hall. We hope once people are more comfortable,
        we can welcome visitors back into our offices. We miss our

        volunteers and friends who would stop in for a hello and a
        chat.                                                             Antonio CANOVA (1757 – 1822) Psyche Revived
                                                                          by Cupid’s Kiss, Paris, Musée du Louvre
        These past few months we integrated a new ticketing
        program into our website. Our goal was to make online, as
        well as in person, ticket buying easier for everyone. We look
        forward to seeing the improvements in action when we
        launch the new season next month – and, yes – you read
        that right, we will be announcing the new season soon! You
        can read more about that project on page 26.

        While we have not had to clean sculptures or move giant
        crates full of Egyptian artifacts, we have been getting ready
        to welcome everyone back to the equally satisfying out-of-
        this-world experience of live music. Stay tuned!
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