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Clarke, or played in a community band. Clarke took a gamble on what to play. Audiences can be finicky. But records
               indicate that the music touched the hearts and minds of all who attended. The audience showed warm appreciation
               for the hard work of the musicians and their conductor. On January 2, 1914, the Old Colony Memorial reported, “It
               was a pleased crowd which left the building and now they are inquiring when the next concert will take place.”

               Those who attended the 1913 concert could not predict that 100 years later the Plymouth Philharmonic Orchestra
               would perform concerts for appreciative audiences. This first concert marked a commitment to serving the
               community with classical music that the towns of Plymouth, Kingston, Duxbury, and later many other South Shore
               communities have supported through fluctuating economies and unpredictable social winds of change.

               Today the Phil presents exceptional music throughout the year and offers countless enriching musical programs to
               the South Shore. It is an orchestra that is as connected and committed to the community today as G. Herbert Clarke
               intended it to be on that cold winter day over 100 years ago.
        While today’s orchestra is comprised of professionally trained musicians, and some of the programming may differ, the
        Phil of 2020 shares this same spirit of those in 1913. We believe in the importance of music, and how it connects us.

        Thank you to our musicians, supporters, board, staff and volunteers. Together, we have navigated a challenging year. My
        hope is that, one day soon, we can all return to the concert hall, healthy and well, to enjoy this gift we all cherish.

        Happy 107 , dear friend.
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