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A Note from Kim Corben

                                                   Executive Director

             Santa and I are pretty

                 close. As Buddy the

                elf in the movie, Elf,

         exclaims when he hears

                   Santa is coming to

            the department store,

      “Santa! I know him!”

        This season, I did my best to stay off Santa’s naughty list and focus all my energy on the first-ever virtual
        telethon/holiday concert event in the Phil’s history: Poppin’ In for the Holidays, An Evening with Sons of Serendip.

        As I mentioned in the past, I like to try new things. Apparently, our Phil friends and supporters like to try
        new things too!

        From our generous sponsors who funded the event, to the enthusiastic—and generous—leadership donors
        who provided an incentive to others by matching donations up to $75,000, this event was a big success.

        The credits at the end of the show reflect just how many people were involved in this production: musicians,

        donors, sponsors, community partners, performance friends Neil McGarry and Anthony Nunziata, even
        Meteorologist Mike Wankum! We are grateful to PACTV, whose expertise and generosity made this event


        I am overwhelmed by the outpouring of post-show congratulations and well wishes. As Steven said in his

        opening remarks, it may not have been the concert we planned a year ago, but it was the concert we needed.
        Sons of Serendip, with their abundance of storytelling and talent, filled our hearts with song and cheer. And,

        nothing made me happier than seeing our own musicians doing what they love as well.

        If you missed the opportunity to support us that night, any donations made between now and the end of

        December will still be doubled. And, if you didn’t catch the live event, watch it any time on the Phil’s YouTube
        channel or Facebook page. Please share the video with anyone who would enjoy the music.

        And, remember, Santa is still watching.
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