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Feeling encouraged that many people had preregistered for this free event, I joined the Zoom call.  Our moderator,
        library director Jennifer Harris, opened the virtual waiting room door to allow in our guests.

        Imagine my surprise and delight looking around at all the little boxes of eager faces. Amid them all, I spied some very
        dear friends.

        This particular couple has supported the Phil for many, many decades. Both have contributed to the vibrancy of our
        organization through their volunteerism and support. Moreover, they are an inspiration.
        Whether taking a little extra time to make their way to the waterfront, lawn chairs in hand, for our annual July 4th
        concert, or mastering a new communications tool to enable a virtual experience, they show up and actively participate
        in life.  Clearly, they’re filling their golden years with golden opportunities – regardless of the hurdles.

        While our lives during this pandemic have changed, I am in awe of the resiliency of so many. I am grateful for familiar
        faces—and new ones too—who make such an effort to stay connected to us.  Thank you.

        As for a “preview of life’s coming attractions,” when it is safe to do so, I envision us all back together in a concert hall,
        wrapped in music’s sonic embrace — and I can’t wait!
        Can you imagine that?

        I can.

                        ?                       ?
                                     ?                    Test your musical knowledge.

                                                              Play NAME THAT TUNE.

                                                     CARTMELL DAVIS

                                                     FUNE L & CREMATION

                                                        A guiding light since 1895

                                                    Funeral Directors

                                   Kathy Cartmell-Sirrico • John J. Vincent, Jr.
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