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A Note from Kim Corben

                                                   Executive Director

       My family uses art to stay connected

        I’m not usually at a loss for words. But like everyone,   A master of progressive
        I have fewer new topics to discuss, especially with    abstract art, Hudson
        extended family whose conversations center around      astounds us with a vision
        what everyone has been up to lately…um…not             of hope. One is first drawn
        much.                                                  to a peculiar look upon our

        But that’s changed!                                    hedgehog face as he appears
                                                               to beam a smile across the
        My family has discovered a way to be EXCITED to chat   bow of all who look up it. This
        with long distance relatives.  Our common language is   character seems wild with
                                                               excitement as he holds within
        Back in October my brother bought a drawing tablet.    his grasp two cherished
        He invited my 20-something son and daughter to an      objects that seem to emit a magic – the feather and the
        art challenge figuring the exercise would force him to   key. Or perhaps the magic is simply the reflection of our
        learn the new tablet’s features. My niece heard about   friend’s smile. All this is expressed using just two-colored
        the challenge and asked if her children, ages 4, 8 and   crayons on a background of white. A bold minimalist
        11 could join too.                                     statement indeed!

        The first week’s theme was “feather, hedgehog, key”,   Now we have lots to talk (and laugh) about as we make
        meaning those elements must appear in the creation.    art together in our own ways.  For me it has raised my
        No rules for how the art is made: crayons and paper,   awareness of perspective. There are so many ways to
        digital tablet, paint, any medium could be used.       tackle a challenge.
        Everyone had fun making and seeing the different       During these unusual times, creativity has been an
        ideas and perspectives.
                                                               essential part of my work-life, and now I appreciate
        My brother added to the entertainment—he curated       how it has helped my family stay close. As we work
        each extraordinary piece, describing the artist’s choice   toward playing music again, I’ll be relying on these
        of materials and the particulars. He playfully described   creative skills in a big way.
        a drawing by Hudson, age 4:
                                                               For now, I must make my masterpiece!

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