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A Note from Kim Corben

                                                   Executive Director

                                                Half full or half empty?

                                                Sure, life in our neck of the woods has its challenges. Snowstorms.
                                                Nor’easters. Pesky insects. And, in recent years, more shark

                                                But at least we don’t have alligators.

                                                In challenging times, that is my fallback position. I like to look
                                                on the bright side. I try my best to focus on what is good, and in
                                                extreme situations, what is NOT bad.

                                                We have all had to hone our coping skills this past year. Some
                                                continue to face hardships. Sadly, especially for our musicians and
                                                crew, we just cancelled the last of our concerts in the 2020-2021
                                                season. Things are tough for many people.
                                                So where is the bright spot?

                                                The state guidelines are easing, and some venues will reopen in
                                                limited capacities. As you know, the Phil performs most concerts
        at Plymouth’s Memorial Hall. What you may not know is the town of Plymouth owns and operates the
        hall and makes all decisions regarding when and how it will reopen within state mandates.

        What does that mean for us? Hopefully, it means concerts will happen again before 2022.

        I’m using this time to run various plans about how to present music in a safe way that is fiscally
        responsible and makes sense for the long-term health of the organization. For our usual concert set up,
        Memorial Hall holds 1,200 audience members, plus our 100+ musicians, crew, volunteers and staff. Even
        with the expanded guidelines for distance and capacity, fewer than 400 people would be allowed inside.
        Hopefully, guidelines widen further.

        Thankfully with the approach of warm weather, outdoor concerts might work best for everyone. I am
        considering all the possibilities and as soon as we have solid plans, will share them. Stay tuned!
        A friend of mine lives in Florida and knows the reality of living alongside gators. I remember her telling

        me that if I am ever chased by one, run in a zig zag pattern to escape. Turns out that counsel is more of a
        widespread rumor and that running in a straight line is better advice.
        Still I like the idea of zigging and zagging, staying nimble and pivoting when necessary. This attitude has

        served me well in both my professional and private life.
        My view is the cup is half full and that is a great starting point.

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